The safety belt for your ankles, Perfect fit with 3D-scan & 3D-print, NEVER SPRAIN!

This is EXO-L

The patented technology protects you from spraining your ankles

The external ligament works better than ankle braces or tape. This innovation offers support just when you're about to sprain your ankle.

EXO-L - Enkel brace alternatief

Your EXO-Ls are custom made and styled for your ankles

Every EXO-L is unique. We make a 3D scan of your ankles and print the EXO-L with high-end 3D printers according to your wishes.

EXO-L - Enkel brace alternatief

EXO-L allows free movement, but protects you at the moment you are about to sprain

Play sports with a simultaneous sense of freedom and protection. Your freedom of movement is unaffected, allowing you to reach your highest potential.

EXO-L - Enkel brace alternatief

The EXO-L Ankle Ligament is designed for easy and natural use

With EXO-L you’re ready to go in seconds! Putting your EXO-Ls on is quicker than braces or tape and they also offer better protection.

EXO-L - Enkel brace alternatief

Medically proven

"A natural way of protection"

Prof. dr. Gert-Jan Kleinrensink
The EXO-L Ankle Ligament cleverly mimics human anatomy. Learn more about the medical background or read about research done involving EXO-L.

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