External Ankle Ligament

Medical background

Comfortable protection from sprains

The EXO-L is not a conventional brace or tape designed to fix the joint in place. Instead, it works as a safety belt for the ankle.

The EXO-L external ankle ligament work like an anatomic safety belt. It cleverly imitates the human anatomy. Similar to a seat belt in a car, the strap only tightens when a specific, risky motion happens. This supports the function of the natural ligament and prevents problematic movement when you are at risk of spraining your ankle.

This is what experts have to say about EXO-L

Every year millions of people experience a traumatic ankle sprain: a common problem which is mostly sports-related.

EXO-L Ankle Ligament

EXO-L was developed to combine ankle protection and comfort

The EXO-L Ankle Ligament was developed with the intention of providing greater assurance during physical activities by supporting the ankles as much as possible when they are at risk of being sprained. Moreover, the developers strived to provide a sense of freedom that boosts mobility and performance.

Because it only stops the movement that puts you at risk of spraining - and creates no other restrictions - the EXO-L better protects, without sacrificing your comfort.

Download the PDF with the complete medical background about the EXO-L Ankle Ligament.

The patented technology protects you from spraining your ankles

The external ligament works better than ankle braces or tape. This innovation offers support just when you're about to sprain your ankle.

EXO-L - Enkel brace alternatief

Your EXO-Ls are custom made and styled for your ankles

Every EXO-L is unique. We make a 3D scan of your ankles and print the EXO-L with high-end 3D printers according to your wishes.

EXO-L - Enkel brace alternatief

The external ankle ligament allows free movement, but protects you at the moment you are about to sprain your ankle.

Play sports with a simultaneous sense of freedom and protection. It does not affect your freedom of movement, thereby allowing you to exercise longer and reach your highest potential.

EXO-L - Enkel brace alternatief

EXO-L is designed for easy and natural use

With EXO-L you’re ready to go in seconds! Putting your EXO-Ls on is quicker than braces or tape and they also offer better protection.

EXO-L - Enkel brace alternatief