Scientific basis of the EXO-L

Research proves that the EXO-L works better than traditional ankle braces and athletic tape.

Renowned institutes such as TU Delft and Erasmus were at the base of the EXO-L. Both scientific research and user research showed that the EXO-L works much better and feels more comfortable than ankle braces or athletic tape.

Professor of Anatomy

"The EXO-L is a natural, anatomical form of ankle protection"

"Spraining your ankle is a serious injury, often with unpleasant and long-lasting effects. The current sprain prevention methods impose restrictions or are uncomfortable to use.
The EXO-L supports you in a naturally anatomical fashion, meaning your ankle is protected, but at the same time you maintain the normal freedom of movement."

The American Journal of Sports Medicine

"The use of the ankle brace significantly restricted the rotation of motion from combined eversion and dorsiflexion"

In an independent study conducted by the AMC Amsterdam and published in The American Journal of Sports Medicine, it is scientifically proven that the EXO-L Ankle Ligament stops the sprain movement (combined inversion and plantar flexion) effectively without restricting any other movements.

AMC Amsterdam Netherlands, published in The American Journal of Sports Medicine
Kleipool et al., 2015

Physiotherapist, NVFS

"Even in every day use, the proprioceptive effect of the EXO-L strengthens the ankle"

Dick Zaanen – Paramedic NVFS

Proprioception - also known as kinesthesia - gives athletes feedback on their own body, such as the position or movement of their limbs, joints and tendons. It trains the athlete to avoid certain wrong movements.

"EXO-L limits the sprain movement. Through this, the body learns very directly to prevent this wrong movement such that it will also prevent the sprain movement even without the external ankle ligament."

Juryreport Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy

"The EXO-L is a great improvement for those with weakend/ previously-sprained ankles. It is an example for the vitality of the physical therapy world."

Out of several new products and treatments, professional judges of the KNGF selected the EXO-L as being the most innovative and effective product.
Main advantages found by the jury:

  • Innovative design, materials and production technique
  • Well tested
  • A great improvement for people with weak / previously-sprained ankles.
  • Good service and guidance for (potential) users
  • Example of the vitality of the world of physiotherapy
KNGF (Royal Dutch Society of Physiotherapy)
KNGF jury

International athlete

"Every athlete should protect their ankles this way"

Julia Müller - Captain German national team
"When I used tape I would sprain my ankle several times a year, and braces were just too stiff. I really like the way the EXO-L gives great freedom of movement, meaning I can perform at my best during training and competitions."
"I go to every practice and game and have no ankle problems thanks to the EXO-L. I am very happy with it and recommend it to anybody."

Large-scale user research

Far fewer injuries were acquired and users assessed the EXO-L with an average of 8.2 out of 10.

Results from the study show that users of the EXO-L Ankle Ligament are very pleased with the ease of use and the service given. Also, this research shows that a reported 0.19 sprains occured over 1,000 hours of sport. This is clearly less than many other studies on ankle braces. An extensive clinical investigation must be conducted to scientifically substantiate this difference.

EXO-L, Human Kinetic Technology The Hague University
M. Fleuren, B. van den Heuvel

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