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The EXO-L filosophy

Falling down does not matter, as long as you stand up again.

Marcel Fleuren
In cycling, there is no longer a question over whether or not you should wear a helmet to protect your head. In a few years time, the use of EXO-L for protecting your ankles in competitive sports will be as obvious as the use helmets for protecting your head whilst cycling.
Our aim is that people can fully engage in and enjoy sport, work or leisure without worrying about sprains. We fulfill that aim by making sure that the purchase and use of your EXO-L is as easy and user-friendly as possible.

The EXO-L team

Colin Bouwels Production

Fons van den Berg Organization

Daan Janssen Development

Mensen helpen met hun probleem is één ding, mensen helpen zorgeloos het maximale uit zich zelf te halen. Dat is waar ik voor ga!

Bart van den Heuvel After-sales

Mark Kwanten Marketing

Implementing your API's since 2014

Jasper Bussemaker Web-master

Want to prevent ankle sprains?

Do you want to join the EXO-L team so together we can help get rid of spraining for everyone? We are always looking for new partners (abroad and in the Netherlands) and clever new i

immer neue Partner (im Ausland und in den Niederlanden) und clevere neue Ideen

deas. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

+31 (0)15 744 0155 info@exo-l.com