User manual

How EXO-L works

Putting on EXO-L is easy and takes just a few seconds

EXO-L is designed to be as easy as possible to use. Watch the video or read the manual before you first use your EXO-L.

Good start in 3 steps

Step 1. Correct position

Stand up straight and put the EXO-L® Ankle Ligament on your ankle from behind (A). The sides of the EXO-L fit snugly onto the sides of the leg. There is some free room at the back of the EXO-L to make sure your Achilles tendon can move freely. Support the EXO-L on the bones of the ankle and look for the optimal position by rotating and moving it around a little.

Step 2: Sufficient support

Pull the strap through the fastening feature on the shoe and through the lock on the EXO-L. (B) When you imitate the spraining movement (C), the strap fastens itself into the lock, allowing you to experience the stopping action of the EXO-L.

You can cut the strap to size to be able to secure it in the special notch (D). Check the manual that came with your EXO-L for more information and tips!

Look for a balance between protection against the spraining movement (C) and pleasant freedom of movement during normal movements (E). When you stand upright, the strap should not be under tension. If there is a lot of pressure on your ankles, the strap can be loosened a little.

Step 3: Build up intensity

Start with short sessions and build up intensity after that. It is not uncommon to feel some pressure or abrasion during the first weeks. Take your time to allow your ankle to get used to the EXO-L. For example, start walking around in it at home, then fifteen minutes wearing it during a warm-up, then lengthening this to half an hour.

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