EXO-L always ensures high quality in its products. Nevertheless, should anything go wrong, we give you a waranty. We understand how annoying it is when a product does not meet your expectations.

The warranty covers the materials, fit and workmanship of your product. The warrranty period is six months for the EXO-L external ligament and one year for shoe modifications. Normal wear and damage caused by an external impact are excluded from the warranty.

In relation to wear of the EXO-L, this would depend on the intensity with which the product has been used. The average lifespan of the product will vary, from between one and two years for professional athletes, to more than four years if used less intensively.
Warranty is given if the rules are applied in the user's manual and quick start guide. Loss, theft and damage through poor maintenance, improper use, unauthorized rough handling or improper storage are excluded. Improper fit due to a change in form, for example, by scanning when the ankle is swollen, due to medical procedures or from rapid growth are all excluded. The EXO-L Ankle Ligmament is designed to prevent sprain. Use of the product for other purposes also excludes it from warranty.
In case of problems, always consult the user manual and quick start guide that came with the product first. If the issue cannot be solved this way, please contact us on +31 (0) 15 744 0155 or email info@exo-l.com, where problems are often solved easily. Should the product still not meet your expectations after taking our advice, please contact us again as soon as possible. We will then, if necessary, initiate a warranty procedure.