Work safely with the EXO-L Ankle Ligament

EXO-L Ankle Ligament

EXO-L is an effective aid to reduce absence and it promotes safety within your organisation.
The EXO-L is a safetybelt for your ankles which is connected to a comfortable low work shoe. This is how the EXO-L protects the ankles from spraining with maximum freedom of movement while you can fully focus on your job.

EXO-L used by BAM

Causes of ankle sprains at work

Ankle sprains are a frequent injury at work at both indoor- as outdoor-activities.

According to 50% of all sprains in the Netherlands (600.000 per jaar) occur at work. 

Ankle sprains easily happen. There are a lot of reasons and obstacles which lead to injury of the ankle. Examples of those are:
  • Uneven surfaces like sand and rocks
  • Height differences like kerbs and slopes
  • Physical exhaustion
  • Poor sight during evening/night shifts 
  • Unexpected movements
  • Loss of focus or focussed on difficult tasks
  • Movements during automatism like jumps and rotation when you jump from a truck for example. 
It is a big cause of absence and results in high costs for employers. It also has a huge impact on the work- and private-life of the employee that sprained. You will suffer from negative effects during daily life when you sprain at work. 
The EXO-L Ankle Ligament protects your ankles in the best and most comfortable way, without compromising your freedom of movement. Something you need during work!
It is a custom made, ultramodern, 3D-scanned and 3D-printed product. That is how the EXO-L Ankle Ligament will perfectly fit the shape of your ankle. This perfect fit lets you comfortably wear the EXO-L Ankle Ligament for a long time in a row. 
The EXO-L Ankle Ligament is resting on the bones of your ankle and only 

De EXO-L Enkelband rust op de botpunten van jouw enkels en treedt alleen in werking wanneer er een gevaarlijke verzwikbeweging wordt gemaakt. Zo kan je onbezorgd en onbeperkt alle bewegingen maken die je moet maken tijdens je werk.

Super comfortable, just like flip-flops. -  Employee Strukton Rail

Comfortable low work shoes and still safe

Because the EXO-L rests on your ankle bones it can only be worn in combination with low comfortable work shoes. Low workshoes bring you more freedom of movement and ventilation. The combination of a low workshoe and the EXO-L is the best protection against sprains possible. 

Fit and healthy through sports

The EXO-L is fully custom made and can be connected to different shoes. This means that you can for example use your EXO-L's also during your saturday soccer match to stay protected.  

An employee which stays fit and healthy after work will also be stronger and more active during work!

Are you interested in custom made ankle protection?

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There is also a possibility to start a absence reduction program with the EXO-L Ankle Ligament fully customized with your company colour and logo. Please do not hesitate to ask for the possibilities. 

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